The arrangement is for full bell choir using four to six octaves of handbells. When played with twelve ringers, the piece is rated at Level 5.

Filled with interesting and contrasting rhythms and techniques, this arrangement is fun to play and thoroughly enjoyable to hear. Each range of the bells is featured in different ways at different times in the piece. The middle bells have a lot of rhythm and technique changes which are not very difficult and will keep the ringers smiling. The super bass bells sometimes play the part of the timpani or strong brass, and at other times have a counter melody all their own. The high bells may carry the melody (often doubled in octaves), but that same melody is often echoed in the other bell ranges as well just a beat or two later.

The arranger recommends that ringers listen to an orchestral recording of this composition. It is arranged in the same key, and (if you can) could be rehearsed together.

If you have enough hands available, the arranger suggests that a triangle part be added.

This arrangement is dedicated to Bay Bells, an advanced community handbell choir that the arranger Cheryl Baker directed from 1986 to 1997. Under her leadership, Bay Bells and the subset Bay Bells Ensemble performed throughout California, Oregon, Nevada, and Hawaii, plus they toured Indonesia in 1996 and also performed at the 1996 International Handbell Symposium in Albuquerque, New Mexico. Bay Bells premiered this arrangement at the 1997 National AGEHR Ringers Conference in Sacramento, California.

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