The ever-popular canon by Pachelbel pleases any audience as a sacred prelude, wedding theme, meditative interlude, background music, or featured composition.

The arrangement is for three or four ringers plus keyboard (harp or other instrument) or five or six ringers using three or four octaves of handbells. Complete assignments are enclosed, and the piece is Level 3 when played with four or six ringers. The black bar on the assignments page indicates the bell belongs to the primary ringer. A secondary ringer may also be required to share some bells that belong to another ringer, and this is indicated with the grey bar.

This arrangement includes a heavy barline each time the ostinato pattern begins again. With this aid, the piece can be stopped on the downbeat following a heavy barline at any time, or it can also be repeated by starting at any heavy barline. In this way, "The Celebrated Canon" can fill any unpredictable time length, such as for a wedding procession or communion service.

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