"Jesu" is an audience pleaser, both in the sacred setting and as secular meditation music. This setting combines the melody and the popular eighth-note counter-melody together, all in only two octaves of handbells. The effect is simplistic without being simple, and truly joyous when performed flowingly.

The arrangement is for four, five, six, or seven ringers using two octaves of handbells. Complete assignments are enclosed, and the piece is Level 3 when played with seven ringers. The black bar on the assignments page indicates the bell belongs to the primary ringer. A secondary ringer may also be required to share some bells that belong to another ringer, and this is indicated with the grey bar. This piece may also be performed by four- or six-in-hand ensembles without tables, although it should be noted that there are seven accidental bells required (six of them infrequently).

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