This Russian dance is always a familiar favorite with audiences and performers. Although it has many accidentals and some quick rhythms, the clearly laid out arrangement is easy to read and interpret. The tempo is quick although the written note values never exceed an eighth note value, and all rhythmic patterns are reinforced with many ringers playing block chords. When the dynamics are performed, this arrangement is a showstopper.

The arrangement is for five, six, or seven ringers using two octaves of handbells. Complete assignments are enclosed, and the piece is Level 3 when played with seven ringers. The black bar on the assignments page indicates the bell belongs to the primary ringer. A secondary ringer may also be required to share some bells that belong to another ringer, and this is indicated with the grey bar.

The arrangement is very true to the orchestral score by Tchaikowsky. The arranger recommends listening to an orchestral recording of the composition to gain insight into interpreting the piece with handbells.

Number of measures

Key signature

Time and tempo

Performance time