This delightful arrangement of the first movement of "The Spring" is perfect for any energetic moment, regardless of season. Its charm comes from its quick tempo and dynamic contrasts, complete with the sounds of the spring season (including birds and you may add a bird whistle to measures 28 to 31 to enhance this effect, and rushing water in measures 38 to 49). Also, feel free to add spring-related props, poetry about the season, or a slide show of nature to enhance this piece.

The arrangement is for four, five, or six ringers using two or three octaves of handbells (or handchimes). Complete assignments are enclosed, and the piece is Level 3 when played with six ringers. The black bar on the assignments page indicates the bell belongs to the primary ringer. A secondary ringer may also be required to share some bells that belong to another ringer, and this is indicated with the grey bar. This piece may also be performed by four- or six-in-hand ensembles without tables.

The piece is in rondeau form, which means that it has a recurring theme (similar to a refrain) and verses that extremely differ from one another. Rondeau form is usually explained by letters, where A equals the recurring theme, and each other letter like B or C indicate completely differing verses. The form then looks like this: ABACADAE etcetera. Because of its consistency, both audience and performers alike will look forward to the next time that the A theme appears.

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